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In 2000, Eduardo Álvarez (Uruguay), Verônica Camisão (Brazil), Claudia Sánchez (Colombia) and Xavier García-Milà (Spain), founded AyA - Arquitectura y Accesibilidad (nowadays aia international) a broad framework that brings together professionals from different disciplines to develop architecture and accessibility projects both in Latin America and in Europe.

Last November 22 was approved ISO/FDIS 21542, concerning the construction of buildings for accessibility and usability of the built environment.

The universality of design and accessibility used as pillars for social inclusion and integration is the cornerstone of all spatial conception in both projects and consultancies.

aia’s offices are currently located in Montevideo (Uruguay), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Bogotá (Colombia), and Barcelona (Spain). aia is a network of professionals composed primarily of architects and interior designers and supported by external collaborators in the technical areas of structure design, facilities, urban planning, domotics and landscape architecture, to ensure excellence in the projects undertaken.

Professional activity revolves around the drafting of projects and construction management of: Residential Homes and Day Centers for the elderly
Residential Homes and Day Centers for people with physical and/or psychiatric disabilities
Occupational centers
Day centers
Day centers for Alzheimer and multiple sclerosis patients
Accessibility plans

Our work on accessibility also extends to:
Teaching activities
Membership of Boards for the Promotion of Accessibility
Presentations, consultancies and accessibility regulation drafting
Participation in the jury of competitions related with the topic of accessibility
Operational Guidelines on Accessibility in Urban Development Projects - Download english version

2014 UIA Research AWARD - Download

2016 Research presented to "2017 UIA Friendly Spaces Award": EXERCISE OF THE RIGHT, strategy and norms, accessibility and convertibility"

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